December 11, 2020

Treatment Method of AAEM Synthesis Emulsion Redness

AAEM readily polymerizes with other acrylic and methacrylic monomers. It is a methacrylic monomer used to formulate high-solids solution acrylic resins and acrylic emulsions for lower VOC emission industrial and architectural coatings.


Although the use of AAEM into acetyl groups in the polymers have many advantages, but there are still some problems in actual production application: mainly displays in acrylic emulsion polymerization stability and storage stability, and in using adipate hydrazide crosslinking, some problems such as emulsion easy red lead to not be able to use. In fact, these problems are still closely related to the structure of AAEM. 


To put it simply, it's caused by the reactive hydrogen on the methylene. In the ketone and enol alternation of acetyl groups, it is easy to produce a macrocyclic hydrogen bonded lactone on the side chain, which is a very unstable structure. Water, as a polar solvent, is more likely to produce such a structure.The solution is to use an appropriate base (such as ammonia or triethylamine) as the pH regulator during emulsion synthesis, so that the macrocyclic hydrogen bond lactone into a more stable enol anion structure, to ensure the stability of polymerization and storage stability.


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