April 12, 2021

MMP VS PMA Application Testing



  Solvent is widely used in the coating and ink industry, which dissolves many components such as active components, polymer resins, pigments, etc., so as to facilitate easy transportation and construction of the coating. Because the solvent escapes into the air pollution environment in the coating film forming process, the world is implementing more and more strict environmental protection restrictions and regulatory requirements to the coating industry solvent emissions, thereby reducing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to the atmosphere. As a result, there is increasing pressure to develop new solvents with greater solubility and less toxicity, thereby reducing the amount of solvents used overall.


  Alcohol ether and alcohol ether ester oxygen-containing solvents are generally more soluble than traditional single ester or ether solvents.Because this type of solvent combines the dissolution properties of ether and alcohol or ether and ester, it has more applicability. Propanediol methyl ether acetate (PMA) is an excellent ether ester solvent, has been widely used in paint and ink industry. With the advancement of science and technology, the replacement (PMA) has now been developed and better methyl 3-methoxypropionate (MMP).


  Prechem has did the relevant tests about the solvency, volatile rate, miscibility of absorptive capacity of water, nonpolar solvent tolerance, stability, and application in the paint and coating, etc of MMP and PMA, the results found that MMP (3 - methoxy methyl propionate) with PMA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate) in comparison with respect to its physical properties as a solvent or in the paint and coatings in the application of can at least match the actual data, and even slightly better in many aspects, among them, MMP has higher solubility than PMA, thus can reduce the true solvent dosage and adding more low cost solvent solvent volume and lower total cost. Therefore, MMP (3-methoxypropionate methyl ester) can completely replace PMA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate) of the commonly used in paints and coatings.


  If you need more details, please access to us to learn about the testing results for MMP and PMA.



Physical Property


Molecular Frmula C5H10O3 C6H12O3
Mecular Wight 118.13 132.16
CAS NO. 3852-09-3 108-65-6
Relative Densityg/cm3 1.010 0.96
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
Purity% ≥99 ≥99
Flash point (closed cup)℃ 47 47.9
Boiling Range℃ 140-148 154.8
Refractive Index 1.4005-1.4040 1.401-1.403



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