June 23, 2021

AAEM Monomer Application Manual



  AAEM is a methacrylate monomer, used to synthesize acrylic emulsion with high solid containing acrylic resin and low VOC coating. It can react with amine and hyzine, making it an ideal, cost-effective monomer for self-crosslinking, room-temperature curing acrylic emulsion. It can also be cross-linked with metal ions chelating.In addition, AAEM can also be used as a paint printing binder and a crosslinker in waterborne wood coatings.



Structural Analysis of AAEM


  AAEM, chemically known as acetoacetate ethyl methacrylate, contains an end-group double bond and a end-group acetyl-acetyl group in its molecular structure.The double bond at the end group makes AAEM prone to free radical polymerization.The other end of the acetyl acetyl group due to the conjugation effect of the dicarbonyl group, resulting in the middle methylene on the -H is very active, prone to a variety of group reaction.



The application of AAEM


1. Application of AAEM in Acrylic Emulsions

1.1 Application of AAEM in self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion or PUA emulsion

1.2 Application of AAEM in waterborne acrylic emulsion

1.3 Application of AAEM in the modification of acrylic emulsion


2. AAEM applications in Textile Printing

2.1 Pigment printing adhesive

2.2 Latex emulsion


3. Application of AAEM in thermosetting coatings


4. Application of AAEM in Unsaturated Polyester Resin


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