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ShenZhen Prechem New Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development and production.


As a professional manufacturer of functional solvents and special monomers, Prechem has over 10 years of production and sales experience in this field


Prechem has a professional technical team, a complete product line and long-term stable cooperation of warehousing logistics transportation.

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Prechem has a team composed of highly educated and professionals, accumulated rich prodcution and sales experience.




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company news
china latest news about MMP as Substitute for PMA to Reduce Costs
On September 23, 2021
Since its establishment in 2009, ShenZhen Prechem New Materials Co.,Ltd has been focusing on the production of functional solvents and special monomers and other fine chemicals. One of the company's main products, methyl 3-methoxypropionate (MMP), has been found to be a better alternative to ...
china latest news about AAEM Monomer Application Manual
On June 23, 2021
Introduction AAEM is a methacrylate monomer, used to synthesize acrylic emulsion with high solid containing acrylic resin and low VOC coating. It can react with amine and hyzine, making it an ideal, cost-effective monomer for self-crosslinking, room-temperature curing acrylic emulsion. It can also ...
china latest news about MMP VS PMA Application Testing
On April 12, 2021
Introduction Solvent is widely used in the coating and ink industry, which dissolves many components such as active components, polymer resins, pigments, etc., so as to facilitate easy transportation and construction of the coating. Because the solvent escapes into the air pollution environment in ...
china latest news about PRECHEM's New Website
On March 29, 2021
Warmly celebrate PRECHEM's Web site a new on-line! For more information, please access to www.aaemamonomer.com !!!
china latest news about Prechem Donated To Fight The COVID-19
On March 25, 2020
During the outbreak of the COVID-19, although the company was also affected by this epidemic, Prechem still took practical actions to practice corporate social responsibility and help the epidemic prevention and control. With the continuous progress of fighting against novel coronavirus epidemic, in ...